Web Development

While in many cases our clients feel their websites have up to a point, are doing an adequate job at marketing the company’s value to it specific audience. With 2013 more than halfway through, it just may be time to evaluate if the website’s architecture and design are addressing the needs of your clients and prospects.

In addition to creating a marketing layer between the site’s home pages and any merchandising, Binnacle will provide an integrated strategy, plan of execution and set of deliverables that will include site architecture, interface design for the site, page templates and content publishing.


  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Blueprint – Include special functions like Demos
  • Wire frame
  • Interface Design
  • HTML Development (reference pages)
  • QA
  • Deployment Staging
  • Stage Site Test
  • Live site deployment

The Binnacle Process

We are always interested in working to develop new product names,  corporate identity branding system and message delivery vehicles including but not limited to, web site, presentations, white paper templates, data sheets, direct mailers, email templates.

We work with our clients in a collaborative process that is essence includes:

  • Brand Identity: Expands on the name to finish the foundation upon which all other pieces will rest
  • Create the Brand “Cook Book”
  • Logo design – Primary and secondary brand marks
  • Mock-ups that clearly define brand use for applications, grayscale, black & white, with and w/o tagline
  • Color spec – CMYK, RGB, PMS
  • Clear space guidelines for the mark
  • All original files for use

For the most successful process and expedient results, we ask that you adhere to certain guidelines in order for us to meet our deliverables in a timely manner:

  • Participation on all calls of all decision-makers
  • Timeliness to meetings
  • First hand feedback during presentations
  • Adherence to payment schedule
  • A sense of humor (optional)

UI/UX Design

Our skills from site design and deployment lead us to do web apps general application User Interface design We work with our clients from the Architecture planning, user action and needs. Our no nonsence minimal click approach has given us significant projects with leading companies in the flagship product designs.  In the process of making the design and migration to code, Binnacle will:

  • Create design concepts
  • Convert the concepts to UI Wireframes
  • Define actions and UI behaviors
  • Color elements design and standards
  • Develop UI code with stubs for pack end development
  • Test all stubbed functions before handoff

During development of the new UI prior to deployment Binnacle will first code to an in house test system and then will deliver all images, scripts, and UI elements to client. This allows you to do the balance of the development to hook up back end code.



Print & Presentations


Binnacle copywriters work with our clients to facilitate continuity of message. The copy writers use the aggregate messaging information and existing collateral to develop new content that is on point for the target audience.

Information Graphics

When our clients require diagrams, or graphic images to visually represent their solutions and business offering. We use the same process of discovery and analysis to assure that the images created communicate the clients concepts clearly.  When finished, we provide each of the components as stand-alone icons where necessary.

We work with you to create a  comprehensive list of the required elements prior to project commencement to establish a finite group and ranking order of deliverables to be developed. The icons and diagrams will be delivered in file formats that will allow the Applied Identity team to utilize and build upon these designs as needed. Elements will be designed using state of the art tools and our own functions and methods.

We can also import finished work into PowerPoint™ Enhanced Meta Graphics, however there is not a great deal of design flexibility within the product, so limited editing within PowerPoint™ is possible.